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All successful people have a mentor.

It's time to find yours!

Take your Influencer career to new heights


Dave is the master of brand deals! His quick tips and experience can help you start landing sponsorships today!

Sam Michie

Burbank, CA


ShayCarl is the Vlog Father. There's nobody better then him to teach you how to create authentic, engaging vlogs for your audience.

Chad Sahley

Westlake Village, CA


Lissa is has extensive experience in working for Brands and Agencies who hire influencers. She can walk any influencer how to deliver the results that Brands want!

Tatum Stroud

Phoenix, AZ


Corrado LITERALLY has weekly calls with YouTube. If you want to take your channel to the next level then he is your man!

Danny Zappin

Los Angeles, CA


Q: What is Coach Book?

Coach Book is platform that allows influencer students to book sessions with influencer professionals to learn how to improve their craft.

Q: Why was Coach Book created?

Our mission is to pair the up-and-coming generation of influencers with an influencer mentor that can help them reach greater success.

Q: How should I best prepare for my coaching call?

Create an agenda for the meeting.  List out the 3-5 most important things you want to cover and tell these things to your coach at the beginning of the session.

Q: Are the Coaching calls recorded?

Yes, and you will receive a recording of the call with your coach as soon as your session is over.

Q: Are there any perks for being a SBB member?

Yes, you earn a free monthly membership to SBB for each coaching session you book.

Q: Can I book a follow-up session with my Coach?

Yes, just come back to the Coach Book site and book another session as you did before.

Q: Can I cancel my coaching session?

There is a 25% fee charged to you if you decide to cancel your coaching session.  This is because every cancelled session could have been another session that a coach could have booked and their time is valuable.

Q: What happens if I need to reschedule my coaching call?

In the case of an emergency you may reschedule your coaching session by clicking on the calendar invite and clicking on reschedule.  If you have to reschedule more than 2 times you will charged the full amount of your coaching session.

Q: What happens if my coach needs to reschedule?

This doesn’t happen often but if it does you’ll be alerted when a coach needs to reschedule.  You’ll be presented with new options to schedule your session at a time that works for both you and your coach.

Q: Can I become a coach and starting selling my coaching services?

Absolutely!  We’d love to have you as one of our coaches although we do have some requirements that you need to meet.  To learn more please fill out this simple on-boarding form.